where darkness meets divinity

Fallen Angel Collection

Delve into the tantalizing allure of darkness with a bath bomb and candle designed to tempt you into indulgence. Why resist what the body craves? Allow yourself the power to escape into deep relaxation and be rewarded with an irresistible surprise.

Your ring candle makes for stunning gothic decor

Ignite the Fallen Angel candle and allow an intoxicating blend of orchids, green moss, and wild sage, to wrap around you like a forbidden embrace. Once the wax melts away, your candle can live on as elegant decor.

Invigorate your senses with a sinister bath bomb

Our mesmerizing ring bath bomb turns an ordinary bath into an extraordinary ritual. Indulge in moisturizing swirls of red and black foam until you're finally rewarded with a beautiful ring.


10 Divine Rings

Every Fallen Angel bath bomb and candle conceals 1 of 9 unworldly rings, each more alluring and unique than the last. This collection captures the essence of darkness with stunning wing and feather motifs cloaked in 18k gunmetal and adorned with black CZ stones.

Wear your ring as a mark of distinction, a symbol of your dalliance with the darker side of beauty and indulgence.

The products I have tried are amazing. The candles fill the room with their scent but are not overpowering. The bath bombs smell delicious and leave my skin feeling silky soft. The jewelry surprises are a fun incentive to get more. 

Jill Y.