Moon Goddess Collection

The Moon Goddess echoes Hecate's ancient wisdom, guiding growth, inspiring renewal, and imparting strength amidst change. Her symbol remains a timeliness reminder of our intuitive bond with the cosmos and to embrace life's journey.

Moon Goddess Candle & Incense Holder Lid

Ignite this magical candle featuring dual wooden wicks. The lid, adorned with the symbol of Hecate's Labyrinth, transforms into an incense holder. But the magic doesn't stop there, inside awaits a sterling silver jewelry piece set with authentic Moonstone, to bring the essence of the lunar realm with you.

Indulge in Lunar Luxury

Soak in the divine aroma of our Moon Goddess jewelry bath bomb, invoking ancient rituals with uplifting neroli, enchanting jasmine sambac, and grounding musk. This mystical scent encourages introspection, connection, and harmony.


Moonstone in Sterling Silver

Unveil 1 of 4 unique pieces of jewelry inside each product. Crafted in 925 Sterling Silver and adorned with authentic Moonstone, this collection exudes celestial elegance.

Embrace the mystical feminine energy and wisdom as you adorn yourself with these divine pieces.

Matching Necklace Pendants